backup software for Windows to save your c++ source files while compiling

Daily Backup - Software to save C++ source while compiling

Go from edit compile test to edit compile & backup test

The Daily Backup software saves changed and created files into zip archives as soon as the change or creation occurs. It does so by listening to file change notifications; without resource sucking polling!

It really gives you a sense of security to see the progress indicator in the system tray when compiling. Then you know your sources are safe on a a second hard drive, USB drive, or network drive. In case of disaster, you might loose some time to get a replacement, but you won't have to code or debug the same source again.

In fractions of a second your changes are safe in the zip archive.

Do you like to see yesterday's version of your software?

That is the version you didn't check in into the SourceSafe server, because it was to late. And now you blundered today, and you wish you could turn back time.

With Daily Backup this is built in: One click to pop up the restoration dialog, one further click to select the directory, and you can select the day to go back to (restore the whole day, or only a single file). Of course you can restore to a different path, of course you have to confirm overwriting files.

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How it Works

The way it works

You specify the directories Daily Backup should backup into zip archives. You can set filters to handle only certain file types, or to confine the backup to certain filetypes only. Then it watches the operating system, and marks a directory as "ready for backup" on each file creation or modification.

You specify when to start an incremental backup on a marked directory:

  • as soon as a change occurs
  • when the screensaver is running (not available on win95 or winNT)
  • every timespan
  • on shutdown
  • at a fixed time

You schedule a complete backup when:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

You can also start a complete backup manually.

Daily Backup creates the zip archives in archive directories. You can setup as many archive directories as you need.

These archive directories should reside on a 2nd hard drive, on a network drive, or a USB micro hard drive.

You can use it as a date based version system

With time you get dated versions of your important files. In case you need to step back in time you can do so:

The restore dialog shows you all the saved files in a single table, and you can restore:

  • all directories with just a click.
  • the version of a single directory up to a single day only.
  • a single version of single file only.

Of course it asks your permission to overwrite any file before restoring, and you can select a different directory to store the retrieved file(s).

In case of a disaster, when you only have the archive directories, you can restore the files with any Daily Backup installation. Just select the archive directory in the restoration dialog.