Turn math formula(s) into a calculator with CalcExpress™

E.g. turn the math formula to calculate the monthly mortgage payment into a mortgage calculator

a math formula to calculate the monthly mortgage payment required to pay back a loan

Now you can calculate:

  • the monthly payment required to pay back a mortgage.
    Leave the payment field empty and enter the other variables: the interest rate per year, the number of payments per year (12 in case of monthly payments), the number of years of your loan.
  • the mortgage you can get if you can afford a monthly payment.
    Leave the present value field and enter your payment.

If you enter plain number for the variables, you calculate just a single number; if you enter ranges of numbers, you calculate one or two dimensional value tables.

You can repeat previous input with history, and you can put your calculations into the protocol.

You can convert protocolled calculations to winword©.

If you want to sell your calculators with other CalcExpress™ users, you can create licenseable books.

Your market is not limited to existing CalcExpress™ users: you can bundle your calculators with CalcExpress™, its not neccessary to sell the whole CalcExpress™, you can also resell the executor-only version.

Of course you can also order a custom calcutor.

Product Information
CalcExpress™ runs on all Windows© platforms: 98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT.

$49.95 US
30 day money back guarantee

CalcExpress™ creates calculators that:

  • calculate a value, a graph, or value tables
  • can repeat previous calculations
  • can export calculations to rtf files (WinWord© compatible!)
  • can quick start from tray or hotkey
  • can export formulas to xml and gif

Further you can:

  • create and sell books of formulas
  • create product specific calculators

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