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About Me

I am Thomas Gawehns, director of SoftwareMeister.

Since 1982 I've been a "master of computer science" at the University of Bonn (Germany). I was quite young then (23 years). For Americans or English readers it might not be that young, but in Germany it takes some 5-10 years at the university, and the men start university after military service.

For the seven years following my degree, I worked in industry, it was about expert systems and software engineering environments. I worked with unix systems and lisp machines (do you remember them?). But it is quite boring to work for a boss, isn't it?

Since 1989 I've been self employed. I work as a freelancer for various companies. Various fields and projects, from software testing to ticketing systems, and from embedded systems to image recognition. Every time new things to learn, great! But overall I felt I was only a small part of the overall machinery.

That is why I started in 2001 to write small scale software and to sell it over the internet: CalcExpress™ software to turn math formulas into calculators; FTP 4 Webmasters to synchronize a remote website with the local copy, and to automate logfile downloads; Daily Backup to perform automated backups.

In 2004 I gave lectures at a local college about object oriented analysis, database design, and algorithms. Something I enjoyed very much. That is why I started musing about software.

I started running in 2001, I've finished 5 marathons since.

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