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Single licenses

One license is required for each PC it is installed. A license may be used like a book: the owner may use the same license on all of his/her PCs, if it is guaranteed that the number of concurrently executing copies of Scan&Fill does not exceed the number of licenses bought.

Price: $29.95 (US) order now

Site license

A site license is bound to a single postal address. All PCs located at this site may execute Scan&Fill.

Price: $499 (US) order now

School license

All personnel working for the school with license may use Scan&Fill, as long as they are employed by that school.

Price: $499 (US) order now

Daily Backup

At least once per day you should backup.

Daily Backup performs backups of your files when:

  • you change (or create) a file
  • the system is idle and starts a screensaver
  • you logout or shutdown

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FTP 4 Webmasters

Do you own a Website?

FTP 4 Webmasters is made for you:

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  • automatic processing of server generated data like logfiles and other statistical data
  • integration into Windows Explorer

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