Scan&Fill - getting started

At first setup a form with Scan&Fill:

  • Put the form into the scanner and scan it
  • Double click where your want to enter the text, and size the field(s) correctly.

    That's all to create a Scan&Fill form:

    click here to see large screenshot

Once you've setup the form simply

  • enter the text
  • put the form into the printer and start printing

Scan&Fill copes for things going wrong in real life:

  • image to large or sloped
    You can easily crop the white space surrounding the form's image, adjust the slope, etc.
  • Your printer always has an offset
    You can test, and measure this offset, and enter it for each printer.
  • The new edition of the form has a slight offset
    You can define an offset for each form.

You can setup a whole form printing environment

See for yourself and download the free trial

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Facts Sheet
  • runs on all Windows© platforms: 98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT.
  • scans a form with any TWAIN compliant scanner
  • supports all TrueType© fonts
  • uses networked printers
  • remembers printer setup per form
  • starts in safe mode to prevent accidental changes of a form
  • recognizes command line argument to start with preset form and data
  • includes a COM interface to automated printing