Scan&Fill - setup your forms printing environment

Just one click and your employee can fill in the data, and print the form. You can place restrictions what is possible to do in a forms, e.g. prohibit the creation of fields, etc.

It's easy to create shortcuts:

  • Open the form, fill the data, and save the data into a data file.
  • Then select file/shortcut... from the menu, choose a name and location for the shortcut, enable the restrictions, and that's all.

Automate form filling with the COM interface

You can use the COM interface of Scan&Fill to further automate form filling and printing. Using Visual Basic for Applications you could integrate it into Microsoft Office:

You press a button, Scan&Fill opens a form, fills data, waits for your ok, and prints; Or prints without waiting for your approval ...

The object "ScanFill.document" implements the following methods:
open opens a form
close closes the form
setField sets the value of a field
show makes Scan&Fill; visible and shows the form
output prints the form using the form specific printer setup
loadData loads a file with standard entries
getFieldNames gets all defined field names

Sample Visual Basic code looks like:

Sub test()
Set Object = New ScanFill.Document
Object.Open "sample.saf"
Object.setField "amount", "19.20"
End Sub

It loads the form "sample.saf" and inserts the value "19.20" into the amount field. Then it shows the form to the user.

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Facts Sheet
  • runs on all Windows© platforms: 98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT.
  • scans a form with any TWAIN compliant scanner
  • supports all TrueType© fonts
  • uses networked printers
  • remembers printer setup per form
  • starts in safe mode to prevent accidental changes of a form
  • recognizes command line argument to start with preset form and data
  • includes a COM interface to automated printing