Scan&Fill the forms printing environment

If you do exports you could setup a forms printing environment like this:
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin in your laserjet bin 1
  • Continuation Sheet for NAFTA Certificate of Origin in bin 2
  • Certificate of Origin (Generic) you single feed manually

With the click on an icon (or select from the start menue) the export form appears with your standard data (producer name, address, tax identification number, etc.) already filled in.

Just enter the missing data, and print the form with just one click. It's true just one click, and it prints onto the form in correct printer bin!

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Facts Sheet
  • runs on all Windows© platforms: 98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT.
  • scans a form with any TWAIN compliant scanner
  • supports all TrueType© fonts
  • uses networked printers
  • remembers printer setup per form
  • starts in safe mode to prevent accidental changes of a form
  • recognizes command line argument to start with preset form and data
  • includes a COM interface to automated printing